Skin Problems Are Reversible
Skin Problems Are Reversible
Natural Skin Care Solutions
Natural Skin Care Solutions

Our European Facial Will Make You Glowing 

Get Your Back Summer-Ready

Cleopatra's Remedies!

Summer is just a couple of weeks away and it is time to get the whole body exfoliated with my favorite home remedy using nothing else but freshly brewed coffee grinds. Not only this is gentle yet effective scrub but the gel withing the coffee grinds moisturizes the skin to make it silky soft.



This is a great time to take advantage of body exfoliating treatments such as glycolic peel or salt or sugar scrub. The dry and sun deprived skin feels rough and not-so-silky. The only way to slough it off is to get a spa treatment or DIY using our recommended home made exfoliation mixes.



The good news is no one is immune to ravages of skin aging. Acne scars, sun damage uneven skin tone, dark cirles and not so healthy lifestyle can damage the skin and take away the glow. Our proprietary European Skin Care Techniques deliver quick and effective changes to your beautiful face. Our european system is effective for anything from acne, rosacea to wrinkles to sagging skin.  It's important that skin care products recommended by your professional are used twice a day. Our new addition of Volcanic Ash Clay works immediately in pulling out the toxins thus healing the skin naturally.

To learn more about acne treatments please visit  Speranzi Facial Spa or Schedule A Free Consultation Online  

European Facelift andNatural Facelift through skillful invigorating massage stimulation and stretching of the muscles restores the youthful tension in muscles thus plumping the skin naturally. Slim your neck line, lift the sagging cheeks and erase dark circles with our  FaceLift Package
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